Social Media Templates

This graphic was created in December of 2017 before the clocked turned to 2018, it was sent out through all of the Prince George Cougars social media channels to wish fans and followers a Happy New Year.


This graphic was created in September 2019 for the Cariboo Hockey program for a social media campaign run through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram advertising their banner raising ceremony.


This template was created and remains the social media header for the Two Spruce Crew Podcast across our social media channels.

This graphic was created and used for post game recaps on the Prince George Spruce Kings social media during their 2015-16 season. Depending on the opponent and score, all of the text and logos are changed


This ‘Lest We Forget’ graphic was made for Remembrance Day 2017 for the Prince George Cougars to distribute through their social media channels.

This social media graphic was created for a partnership announcement between the Cariboo Hockey program and the Northern Hockey Shack podcast in September 2019.

Prince George Cougars player Brogan O’Brien headlines this ‘Happy Holidays’ social media graphic for Christmas time 2017

The Prince George Cougars carried this graphic as their official office desktop background during Chase Witala’s final season with the team in 2015-16.

This social media template for the Two Spruce Crew Podcast created for each episode, and features a guest, text, and a sponsorship which remain consistent for each episode.

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